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Die Bout It

When you one of them special 1's, you will understand how a message like this can translate to others. You must let these people know what matters to you most. Some believe it's money, other believe it's respect, heck their kids may be their reason. Does that effect how they carry themselves, Do making a million dollars mean more to other than anything else ? Will your friends see your work, and ignore it like they do not see it ? Hell yea lol !!!! Is that going to stop you ? You have to know you will be tested, if not everyone would do it!

Check out our merch, it's available right now on our website for 80 dollars! S/o to Martin, X, Nelson, and ??? who all represent the Die Bout It poem! The willingness to give up the thing they may have wanted to achieve the things needed done even if that meant death! The willingness to do what ever it takes to achieve a goal! A PURPOSE!

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