How was my Timewastedd

The pandemic was something that showed the world what was high as far as resources! High resources such as delivery services, healthcare, and media! When lots of organization, corporations, and small business went under the people in these fields thrived. The people outside of these field were now being placed on unemployment or even worst let go.

My time in the pandemic was rough, I was struggling to find things to do in replace of going outside. I started with puzzles, that did not work. I went to playing console game, my interest was not there. I even started watching cooking shows haha. What stuck with me during the time of the pandemic was books! All types of book from 48 laws of Power to who Moved my cheese.

The thing I got from these books instantly reminded me of the saying, " You want to hide something from a black person put it in a book" because honestly lots of good information was inside of those books. Over time my interest for books grew more and more to the point I said I had to share this information. I started with clubhouse meeting about books I was reading.

My clubhouse house group blossomed, I had people joining from other states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas! From there I knew I had to take it another level and introduce the BLACK Clte book subscription!

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