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Understanding Failure

One of my favorite chapters in the book, "Think & Grow Rich a Black Choice" is chapter 5! Without giving to much information I like to describe how the chapter opened my eyes by describing two different types of people!

The first person I like to describe is an women, let's call her Ronnie! Ronnie always wanted to open up her a dancing studio! She had it in her mind that this is what she wanted to do! She spent most of her younger age dancing, and man she was very talented! The problem with Ronnie is that she comes from a low class family! She got pregnant at the age 17! She never graduated from High school! She has to help pay her parents rent, and other miscellaneous things like groceries! So overall Ronnie was in a bad position, but still she knew what she wanted!

Ronnie was facing lots of set backs, millions of things that was interfering with her ultimate goal of getting her studio. She never gave up, she continued to grind and grind! She got 2 jobs! She created a side hustle, she did everything she could! Ronnie understood that if she really wanted to achieve her goal, it would all depend on her. After 5 years of grinding she finally got her studio!!!

The next person I like to describe is Jason! Jason loved going to the bar, everything he needed was at the bar! Drugs, women, liquor, what ever!Jason was in school for business, His father had a trucking company he wanted his son to run after graduating college. His family was middle class! He had pretty cool neighbors so he was able to get a free scholarship to college! He was set, the only thing he had to think about was school! The problem with Jason is that he was bar lover, and he knew it!

Jason would go to the bar every week! He had no control of him self, this was were he felt at home. He started going before class and after class! He had become so obsessed with the bar that his grades begun to slip! He knew it, his parents knew, everyone knew it! His friends would tell him that he getting out of control! His parents stop supporting him, and finally he lost his scholarship to school! Jason went off the deep end, and he couldn't recover! Jason is now grown and still floating around bar to bar!

What this chapter does is help people understand failure! Failure can come in all shapes and sizes! Failure definition is "a lack of success". To us failure is letting something consume you that you know is negative, and allowing it to keep effecting you! What Ronnie did, that Jason did not do, was stay focus on her goal! When the road blocks came she still continued to stay focus on her goal. She did not make no excuses, she just did what she had to do!

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